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Another winter, another Kremlins Winter Classic game!

Kremlins came back in 2013 with another CMHL Championship under their belts. This is their second championship in a row. Congratulations!!!

Egor Mironov

Another day at the office


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2013 Summer Season

Welcome to the 2013 summer season.  All schedules have been update.  Kremlins hockey club wants to wish all team best of luck this season!!!

Winter Classic – 2013

Another winter, another Kremlins Classic game during a cold Canadian winter.   Despite -15 temperatures, this cold winter did not hold us back.   We had 2 hockey rinks going with 4 teams (4 ... read more

Watch CMHL Championship Game

Did you miss the championship game.. well now you can watch the highlight right here on Kremlins.ca.

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Победа Русских

У канадцев есть старая шутка о том что все население страны делится на хоккеистов и болельщиков. Сегодня эта ... read more

Kremlins on Leaf TV

Check out Dennis Bishev on Leafs TV.

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